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It might be quite some time since you last turned on the central heating, having had a good few months of warm and sunny weather. As the summer rolls into September the temperature starts to drop and we start to feel a chill in the air. Autumn on it’s way. At this time of year some days may feel like an extended summer, whilst other we can have a cold snap and rain. It’s on the cold days we suddenly feel the need to turn on the boiler and fire-up our central heating, to take the chill out of the air, perhaps at first just for the chilly mornings and evenings.

Why should I have a annual boiler service?

In many households the boiler and central heating system may not have been barely used, other than for providing hot water, for several months. If we use the comparison of a car that has been parked-up for 6 months. Most people would agree it is not advisable to suddenly jump-in and blindly roar-off down the road. You would at least do some basic safety checks on the tyres, brakes, oil and water levels. Legally, you need a valid MOT to go out on the road to prove it is safe to drive and minimise the risks to yourself and others. With that in mind, surely we must ask ourselves is it wise to use a gas powered boiler system that is unchecked or serviced ? An annual boiler service is very much like having an MOT on our heating system, keeping it safe and in good working order.

Ten Reasons To Have An Annual Boiler Service

  • Safety First

    A faulty or poorly maintained gas boiler or heating system poses many risks.

  • Health Risks

    Gas or carbon monoxide emissions can be toxic, explosive and fatal.

  • Warmth & Comfort

    We all need the comfort of warmth in the cold weather, none more so than the elderly, vulnerable or young children.

  • Reduce The Risk Of Expensive Repairs

    Minimise the likelihood of faults, a breakdown or emergency call-out costs for boiler or heating system repairs

  • Avoid Breakdowns

    Nobody wants to be caught-out with a boiler breakdown, which can be a real inconvenience in the cold weather when you need it most

  • Save Money On Bills & Repairs

    A more efficient and well maintained boiler will save you money on heating bills and repairs

  • Sustained Performance

    A well maintained boiler and heating system will perform more efficiently

  • Manufacturers Warranty

    Boiler manufacturers warranty’s usually require an annul boiler service to be carried out

  • Landlords - A Legal Requirement

    Landlords are required to have an annual boiler service as part of a Gas Safety Check

  • Waiting For Repairs

    Winter is the time when heating engineers are at their busiest working on repairs

Carbon Monoxide – Know the risks.

Not wanting scare you, but more to make you aware of the risks; Carbon Monoxide is real danger to anyone with fuel burning appliance in the home. Carbon monoxide poisoning most commonly occurs in old and/or poorly maintained boilers and heating systems. That does not mean to say a new system is full-proof. A fault can just as easily occur in a new boiler or heating system.

Carbon monoxide is toxic gas produced by burning gas and in a normal system it is vented out of the house. It is known as ‘the silent killer’ simply because it is odourless, tasteless and invisible – so most people don’t realise they are being poisoned.

When should I have a boiler service?

An annual boiler service and gas safety check is considered the best way to help minimise the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, faults or failures in your heating system, but most importantly to keep your household safe. To illustrate the importance of a boiler service and safety check, as a landlord letting a rental property, an annual Landlord’s Gas Safety Check is a legal requirement.

For the vast majority of households an annual boiler service will suffice and serve to keep a good check on the condition of your boiler. It will usually help pre-empt any potential problems before they become a risk or a unexpected fault that can be expensive repair. It is of course important to point out that if you believe there to be a fault, notice a smell of gas or even if you are just concerned, it is important to least speak to, if not get your boiler checked by a qualified Gas Safe Registered heating engineer.

In short, it is so important to have an annual boiler service performed by a skilled Gas Safe Registered heating engineer.

Arranging Your Annual Boiler Service

Nobody wants to take a risk with gas, or be caught-out with an inconvenient boiler breakdown which can often prove to be expensive. Arranging an annual boiler service makes sense, is quick and easy to do and it gives you great peace of mind.

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