Which? Best Buy boilers

Worcester Bosch boilers are among the most popular in the country and are fitted in over two million UK homes. Quite frankly, that many people can’t be wrong. Still, if you’re in the market to join over 70% of the population by getting a combi boiler, your quest to find the best option needs to go a little further than “everyone else has one”. As your mother used to say, would you jump off a cliff if everyone else did?


The truth of the matter, though, is that Worcester Bosch boilers are a fantastic investment for your home. Here’s why:


#1. The Costs


Worcester Bosch boilers usually cost between £800 and £2,500, with most homeowners settling for a model at the lower end of that price range. While they aren’t the very cheapest solutions on the market, there is no doubt that they are less expensive than some. More importantly, the fact that they are built to last and require minimal maintenance means that they will save money in the long run.


Opting for an oil version rather than standard gas will bump up the initial outlay, but again the investment will pay dividends in the long haul.


#2. Reputation


Worcester Bosch boilers have won dozens of awards for their safety, efficiency, and general performance. This, combined with the fact that they are loved by so many, means that you’ll have immense confidence in the product from the moment it’s installed. Frankly, this is almost as crucial as the physical and performance-based rewards gained from choosing this brand.


After all, any doubts over the quality of your boiler will play on your mind. It’s better to invest in the best, which is why Worcester Bosch is a great option for all.


#3. Quality


The reason for that reputation, though, is due to the quality. Worcester Bosch boilers are built to last and come with a 10-year guarantee. They are A-rated for energy efficiency, which can save hundreds of pounds per year on energy bill while they convert at least 90% of burned fuel into heat. Furthermore, they are easy to use while they alert you to most faults and problems too.


From design to part choices, Worcester Bosch boilers compare favourably alongside any other brand on the market, making them an ideal choice for your home.


#4. Support


While choosing a Worcester Bosch model should reduce the need for repairs and replacements, you can’t expect to live forever without ever encountering a problem. Thankfully, given the presence of their boilers up and down the country, finding new parts as well as experts that boast the experience of working with the exact model should be particularly easy.


Pettifer Plumbing specialise in installations, repairs, replacements, and servicing activities, enabling you to relax and gain the best boiler services at all times. If that doesn’t sway your thinking, nothing will.


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