Your home’s boiler will be one of the most important appliances in it. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to heat any water, and you’d have to suffer through a lot of cold showers!

One key feature of any boiler is the hot water cylinder. These feature in almost every kind of boiler these days, especially the ever-popular Bosch boilers. There are two different types of cylinders that you will need to choose between for your appliance – vented and unvented. Read through this boiler guide to decide which is the better one for your needs.

Vented Hot Water Cylinders

They have been the most popular type of cylinders for years, and it doesn’t look like the demand for vented ones isn’t going to dip anytime soon. In fact, you’ll find these in most homes up and down the UK. These are copper tanks that are connected to a header tank by a vent pipe. Cold water flows into them and heated as it goes through this system. Most homes will have the header tank in their loft or attic space.

As the tank connected to these cylinders is higher in the home, the gravity this creates causes the pressure in the hot water. The higher the tank is above the shower or tap, then the greater the pressure will be. This generally means that the water pressure on ground floors is usually very good, while upper floors might sometimes suffer from slightly lower pressure. Because of this power pressure higher up in the house, most homes with a vented hot water cylinder will have an electric pump installed to improve the water pressure to all showers and taps.

Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

You are likely to find unvented hot water cylinders in homes that have more than one shower. These are different to vented systems as the pressurised system is supplied cold water straight from the cold water supply. This means that hot water is provided at mains pressure to all of the home’s outlets. As a result of this setup, there is no need for the home to have a cold water tank up in the attic. A pump to keep the pressure up is also not needed.

Because of the lack of a pump, unvented hot water cylinders are usually a lot quieter than their vented counterparts. These cylinders can also be placed anywhere in the house – you won’t be restricted to where it can be located as you would with a vented hot water cylinder. That makes these very popular in small houses and apartments, and the improved flow of water and pressure makes these the perfect option if your property has more than one shower.

These are the big differences between the two types of hot water cylinder. If you can’t decide which one would be the best setup for your house, give us a call and we can discuss everything with you. If necessary, we’ll also be able to send one of our plumbers out to inspect your property and to give their expert opinion.