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Smart Controls

Smart thermostatic controls use wireless technology which connects via Wi-Fi to a smartphone app, so you can manage your central heating both near and far away. This is very useful day to day, but more so if you are going away from home and have forgotten to turn off the heating or have been away and need to make sure the house is warm for your arrival.

Smart thermostats also use geofence technology, which once enabled, can detect when you are on your way home and turn the heating up to make sure you return to a warm home on a cold night.

Choosing a Smart Thermostat

The right smart thermostat will depend on the type of central heating system and size of your property. A regular smart thermostat will save you money on your heating by allowing you such great control over the heating system, whilst more advanced versions come with additional features.

A zoned heating system used with a more advanced smart thermostat can work with smart thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) to further improve the control and efficiency of your central heating system. Such as system will allow you to choose what temperature individual rooms are heated to.

Voice control is now a feature of smart thermostats, meaning your heating system can work by integrating with Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, so you can simply command your thermostat to turn the heating up or down. Our heating engineers will be able to talk you though the options and advise on the best smart thermostat for your home.

Recommended Smart Thermostats

Google Nest Smart Thermostats
The Nest smart thermostat is compatible with most heating systems. It can be connected with the Nest Heat Link which works with your boiler, the Nest thermostatic control and the mobile App via wireless allowing you to turn the heating on/off and control the temperature of your home. You can also use the App to set the heating schedule and to turn the heating on/off as you leave or return by detecting your location. The Nest thermostat learns and records your usage patterns and has an ‘eco’ setting to help optimise your usage.
Worcester Wave Smart Control
The Worcester Wave is a smart, wireless connected programmable control for central heating and hot water which can be operated using an App on a smart device. The thermostat is designed to have an ‘intelligent conversation’ with the boiler, with advanced control features such as weather and load compensation. It learns and adapts to your usage behaviour and charts your usage for saving and efficiency.

Smart Thermostat Installations

Our heating engineers can install and integrate a smart thermostat with most heating systems. This will depend on the age of your system and boiler, as well as you Wi-Fi connectivity. Once installed you will be given a demonstration and the engineer will explain how to get started. During the early stages after the installation your smart thermostat will typically need you to teach it your usage requirements by setting a schedule and perhaps turning the heating on and off as and when you require it. Once it has learned your schedule it will the be able to adapt to meet your usage requirements.

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