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Tips on how to save space in your bathroom

Published by : Richard on 02 May 2022

In any home, bathrooms and toilets are high-traffic areas. Generally in the UK bathrooms are one of the smaller rooms in our house or flat, and it is a common desire that we want to make them feel bigger, more luxurious, and aesthetically pleasing.  This however needs to be coupled with comfort and functionality.

Clever toilet designs that Pettifer plumbing have worked on demonstrate that it is absolutely feasible. With a few small plumbing thoughts and remodelling ideas, we can assist you to visually amplify the area and make going to the bathroom routines far more comfortable. 
Here are our top 10 tips on how to save space in your bathroom:

1. Replace your free-standing vanity unit with a floating design. You don’t have to fully-renovate your bathroom to make it appear bigger; instead, strive swapping out larger items. Raised from the flooring and established to the wall, a floating vanity unit creates a feel of openness. 

2. Consider a corner sink. Not fascinated in a floating vanity? Tucking the sink into the wall frees up a tight, awkward space under normal arrangement.

3. Opt for a skinny trough sink Specially made to be slender and sleek for the tiniest spaces. Trough sinks are modern and minimalistic giving you most flooring space to navigate the room.

4. Redirect the door Do you have an entry door that swings into the room and taking up flooring area in the process? Redirect the entry door to swing outward or substitute it with a pocket door that slides in and out of the wall.

5. Opt for a wet room A wet room clears the clutter of a bulky shower tray because the water flows directly into a drain. Flat-panel cabinets can be fitted and instantly the room feels open, spacious and spa like. 

6. Maximise your mirror. If possible, go for a replicate that extends throughout the wall rather of solely above the vanity. A massive reflection bounces that can make the room feel bigger than it is.

7. Choose towel hooks as an alternative to bars. The towel bars have a tendency to take up extra space than necessary. Opt as a substitute for streamlined hooks, which require minimal room to mount on the wall.

8. Box-in uncovered pipework. Pipes and different plumbing fixtures are a fundamental part of each and every toilet and bathroom as they carry water for your each and every day needs. Yet, they are a long way from looking attractive, and additionally litter your valuable space. Unless you are stimulated with the aid of the industrial or retro style, get your unpleasant plumbing hid in the walls, floor, or ceiling so that they can't be seen. 

9. Opt for a wall-mounted heated towel radiator. Extremely versatile, compact slim and sleek. However, you ought to choose a measurement that is proportional to your bathroom. 

10. Stay neutral Stick to a light colour scheme throughout or compliment light colours with contrasting colours to set a desired mood.
Overall, there’s a lot you can do to save space in your bathroom just follow our top 10 tips above. Alternatively, you can contact Pettifer Plumbing to arrange for one of our plumbing experts to take a look at the layout and pipework of your bathroom and consult with you based on your needs and requirements.